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  1. UK PM issues warning over Covid
  2. Joe Rogan joins Gettr after Twitter bans Republican congresswoman
  3. Cheney to GOP: Choose Trump or the Constitution
  4. Snowstorm shuts down Washington
  5. Health minister’s office vandalized by ‘Covid deniers’
  6. Trump Jr. and Ivanka hit with subpoenas – reports
  7. White House press corps limits amount of journalists on briefings
  8. Band students ordered to ‘fake play’ music amid Omicron
  9. Jeffrey Epstein cut secret deal with Prince Andrew’s rape accuser
  10. Presidential hopeful says France should leave NATO and partner with Russia
  11. Probe of nursing home deaths finalized in New York
  12. Man sets self on fire while screaming ‘No vax ID!’
  13. Assange offered asylum just across US border
  14. Theranos founder convicted of fraud & conspiracy
  15. Tech giants alter 5G rollout plans
  16. New highly mutated Covid strain discovered
  17. Haitian PM shot at by armed ‘bandits and terrorists’
  18. Judge rules on US Navy SEALs vaccination dispute
  19. Omicron pushes health service into ‘state of crisis’
  20. ‘Artificial Sun’ hits record temperature
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