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  1. Macron goes nuclear to protect France’s energy independence in green future
  2. Chinese city offers cash bounties in hunt for outbreak origins
  3. US bombers conduct refueling exercises over Australia
  4. US military tries out Israeli tricks for anti-China defense in Guam
  5. Iran links ‘economic terrorism’ to global warming
  6. Kids aged 12 to be allowed gender change in a EU country – draft bill
  7. EU court upholds decision to fine Google €2.4bn
  8. WHO admits Covid-19 is not going anywhere
  9. Hitler’s favorite mayor is staying, Austria decides
  10. Scammer dupes Instagram into believing its own boss is dead
  11. Merkel wants Putin to help solve Poland-Belarus border crisis
  12. Sweden's PM formally resigns for second time
  13. China reacts with fury to US lawmakers’ Taiwan visit
  14. Germany advises on Covid-19 vaccine CHOICE for under-30s
  15. LGBT Virgin Mary poster may land 3 activists in jail
  16. ‘Ghost soldiers’ to blame for Afghan government’s quick defeat – ex-minister
  17. Covid delays convict's execution
  18. UN slams Poland's ‘knee-jerk’ reaction to Belarus border crisis
  19. Toxic foam covers Delhi river that people drink from (VIDEO)
  20. Germans swear off HUGS and handshakes even after pandemic ends – poll
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